How it Works

Our process to get started in our league is simple and easy for players and team owners/coaches.

Download, register, and setup your personal profile on the app. You will be able to search for players and/or teams in your area. You can also start your own team.

After you purchase your membership you will be draft eligible. Or you will be able to draft players if you are an owner. 

Teams can start playing games once they have a minimum of 8 players on the team roster. 

Rec teams need to play 16 regular season games during the quarter season, using our Simple Pickup Game Rules to qualify for the post-season tournament.

Exposure/Semi-Pro teams need to play 8 games during the quarter season, using Official League Rules to qualify for the post-season tournament.

Rec teams must schedule their own games and agreed upon locations. 

Exposure/Semi-Pro teams can schedule games with Rec teams at their own discretion, but teams must play games using the Simple Game Rules.   

The CBL corporate office schedules the league games and locations for the Exposure/Semi-Pro teams.

All validated team rosters submitted to the CBL corporate office are added to the national website and App within two business days. 

See the team owner membership chart for more information.

See Membership Plans… 

How the Post-Season Tournament Works…

City  –  City (or city area) teams seeded for City tournament

State  –  City champs seeded for State tournament

Regional  –  State champs seeded for Regional tournament

National  –  Regional champs seeded for National tournament

National Champions receive the tournament cash prize. 

The national tournament location will be held in the city (or region) with the most teams for the quarter season.  

*All teams must meet their regular season game requirements to qualify for the post-season tournament.